Progress in High Dimensional Probability

An International Conference in Honour of Jørgen Hoffmann-Jørgensen

Jørgen Hoffmann-Jørgensen

Monday 27 May - Thursday 30 May 2013
Arrival day 26 May.

The programme starts Monday morning and ends Thursday at noon.
Venue: Aarhus University, Denmark.

Scope of the Conference

This conference honours Professor Jørgen Hoffmann-Jørgensen on the occasion of his retirement from Aarhus University. The conference will present the state of the art in topics in probability theory related to Professor Hoffmann-Jørgensen wide-ranging research interests, with a particular focus on high dimensional probability.

Jørgen Hoffmann-Jørgensen has made numerous important contributions to several branches of probability theory. In the early seventies he did pioneering work on probability in Banach spaces. In his well-known paper Sums of independent Banach space valued random variables he defined the terms type and cotype of Banach spaces and proved the result now known as Hoffmann-Jørgensen's Inequality. Afterwards he made several important contributions to the strong law of large numbers and the central limit theorem in Banach spaces. In recent years Professor Hoffmann-Jørgensen has considered general questions in probability theory, including the so-called marginal problem as well as constructions of measures satisfying a prescribed set of integral inequalities. The latter has applications to the moment problem and Riesz' representation theorem. Professor Hoffmann-Jørgensen has written a two-volume book on the foundations of probability theory (Probability with a View Towards Statistics Vol. I-II) and has authored numerous research papers.

Jørgen Hoffmann-Jørgensen was born on February 3, 1942 in Aarhus. He received his PhD in 1966 from Aarhus University and immediately thereafter he obtained a permanent position at the same university. He has thus been employed at Aarhus University for almost half a century. He has been invited as distinguished visitor to many major universities around the world, including Cornell, Texas A&M and Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Since 1988 he has served as associate editor of Journal of Theoretical Probability.