Local information

The meeting will be held at the Faculty of Science of the Bu-Ali Sina University, located in the Shahid Fahmideh Street of Hamedan City, Iran (view Google map).


Travel information

Participants should plan to fly into the Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA), Tehran, Iran. We recommend getting a taxi to Hamedan. The taxi fare from the airport to Hamedan is approximately 40-60 Euros (2.000.000-2.500.000 IRR). The travel time to Hamedan is about 3 hours by taxi. The taxicab area is outside the airport. You can pick up one there or call Seiro Safar company (1833 license number) or Teherán Taxi Company (1828 license number).

When you collect your luggage you will go through customs and then will see some peoples offering you taxi. Don’t accept these. The best choice is to use the airport “Seiro Safar” transportation services. It has a counter at the airport and you can see it in the main hall. You can go to the Seiro Safar counter and take a car or van. In any case, tell the counter or driver that you need a receipt before you get into the car. This can prevent any request for more than the official fixed fee.

If you have any difficulty, ask the kind people at the information desk on the ground floor of the airport to call us at 00989188507017 or 00988134224373.


Credit cards are not widely accepted in Iran, so bring cash. USA dollars, Euro, GBP are all accepted in Iran. You should change your money in a money exchange shop. They are all over Iran so you will have no problem finding one. Take note, however, that you need to have bank notes in very good conditions without anything being written or stamped on them.

See furthermore: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g293998-s601/Iran:Banks.And.Money.html


There are four major companies in Iran who provide mobile communication. To purchase an Iranian mobile sim card you should bring your passport and pay the sim card price. There are shops in the airport where you can purchase sim cards.

Dress code in Iran

The women must pack a headscarf in their hand luggage. They must be wearing this the moment they exit the plane and are officially in Iran, except when in their hotel room. Note that you don’t have to wear a burka or anything that fully covers you.  When you arrive you will soon see the reality is far away from the stereotype.

About Visa

To enter Iran, participants should ask for a tourist visa. The Passport Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the authority to issue visas at Tehran Airport (IKA) to citizens holding ordinary passports of the following countries for a maximum period of 30 days, renewable upon entry into the country:

Albania - Armenia - Australia - Austria - Azerbaijan - Belarus - Belgium - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Brazil - Bulgaria - China - Colombia - Cuba - Croatia - Cyprus - Denmark - France - Georgia - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Italy - Ireland -  Japan - Kuwait - Kyrgyzstan - Lebanon - Luxembourg  - Mexico - Mongolia - Netherlands - New Zealand - North Korea -  Norway - Oman - Peru - Poland - Portugal - Qatar - Romania - Russian Federation - Saudi Arabia - Singapore - Slovakia - South Korea - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Syria - Tajikistan - Thailand - Turkey - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan- Ukraine - United Arab Emirates- Venezuela - Vietnam - Yugoslavia 

For more information concerning your country, please ask to your nearest Iranian Consulate.


See the list of some hotels close to the conference site. The reservations have to be made directly to the hotel.

Buali Parsian Hotel

Parsian Azadi Hotel

Baba Taher International Hotel

There are student dorms inside the university at low rates (5 Euros per night). There are also a limited number of guest houses inside the university. If you would like to use these options please contact  r.mahmodvand@gmail.com.